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Sater-Nordlicht is a working ranch with both Hereford cattle and German shepherds. You can imagine how busy we are, therefore, visits are by appointment only. Thank you.



Addy is located an hour north of Spokane WA, off highway 395.

Sater-Nordlict Ranch

1575 Zimmer Rd,

Addy WA 99101



Donna Sater has been breeding and showing champions since 1970.

Donna Sater


A 'Labor of love'

Donna lives in NE Washington, approximately an hour north of Spokane on an 80 acre ranch. German shepherds and Hereford cattle are a "labor of love" for her, and she feels blessed to be living in one of the most beautiful locations in the nation.

Love of the breed

Donna's love for the breed began in 1970, with a handsome, large-boned shepherd rescued from the Humane Society. Later. a pup came from a friend's purebred litter, and she became involved with obedience training. When her son, Jeff, showed a desire to train, Donna became a 4-H leader, teaching both obedience and conformation. Obedience was great, but to be honest, she always had one eye on the Breed ring, and eventually made a decision to purchase her first "show dog."

Attitude is everything

The foundation of Saterhaus German Shepherds was Stardust of Parkridge, CD ROM, ROMC. She had is all: beautiful breed type, a wonderful loving temperament, nice movement, and a pedigree to die for. Her sire was GV Ch Schokrest on Parade, ROM, and her dam was an American & Canadian Champion bitch, sired by GV Ch Lakeside's Harrigan, ROM. What more could you want? Attitude...she hated the show ring! On reflection. Donna considers this a blessing, because Stardust (Dusty) consistently passed her phenotype and wonderful temperament to her progeny, no matter the stud used. She loved her puppies, was a great mom, producing champions litter after litter.

Saterhaus joins Nordlicht

An amazing lifetime of breeding, showing and loving German shepherds resulted, and in 2001 Saterhaus became Sater-Nordlicht after she partnered with Robert Scholes of Nordlicht German shepherds. Robert, a highly intelligent and interesting man, taught her even more about the GDS breed, and introduced her to breeding Hereford Cattle. They raised and showed until his passing in 2006.

Quality over quantity

Donna strives to breed quality, intelligent, correct dogs with beautiful breed type. She has never desired to own or breed a large number of dogs, usually averaging one litter per year. However, breeding is researched and well-planned. She enjoys the challenge of producing side-gait that is competitive in specialties, combined with the beauty and breed type that shines in the all-breed ring. 

A final thought...

Per Donna, "As breeders, it is very important to keep the total dog in mind as we make our choices. Our goal should be consistant litters, not just one "flying star" with the balance of the litter unhealthy or problem-filled. Strong, useful rears, soundness of mind, healthy bosies, longevity, and beautiful breed type are important to our 'pet' owners, as well as to the future of our wonderful breed. I will continue to breed carefully and responsibly, and it has, indeed, been a pleasure and honor to be associated with the German shepherd dog."

Robert Scholes (1938-2006)


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