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Sater-Nordlicht German Shepherds

sater-nordlicht services

Pedigreed Show Dogs


  • Emphasis on temperament, intelligence, and confirmation.
  • AKC registered

Stud Service - Artificial Insemination


  • Quality dogs (pedigree available)
  • Ask us about artificial insemination.

Family companions


Exceptional, well-adjusted, and socialized German shepherds are a wonderful family companion.


What our proud GSD owners have to say...

"Harley is making me realize just how much joy a normal, well-adjusted, energetic, happy puppy can add to one's life,"  --Tina

"How did I ever get so lucky? This gorgeous puppy is MINE!"  --Jan

"If you guys continue to breed this kind of temperament, combined with those Nordlicht looks and movement, you will have the entire GSD world beating down your door."  --Jean